Why Choose France: India’s number 1 ally for studies

Studying abroad presents an individual with an opportunity to gain an entirely new cultural perspective and to learn a new language. The experience also gives the student an economic advantage as it demonstrates to potential employers that the individual is able to adapt to new socio-cultural environments. When it comes to studying abroad, France has always been a favorite destination for students pursuing a bachelor or doctorate degrees in several disciplines. For Indian students, France has also been a popular destination for several years now. In fact, a report was released showing statistical figures of the number of Indian students applying for admission into the French institution of learning.

In 2018 according to Campus France, 7500 Indian students applied for French Student Visas, and this figure is expected to increase by 2020 due to an ambitious program created by the Embassy of France in conjunction with Campus France India network and the Institute franchise and Indian. This program is billed to achieve the following target.

  • Develop dynamic exchange programs between French and Indian institutions.
  • Establish Campus France offices all over India to provide support to Indian students looking to stuff in France
  • Increasing the number of French scholarships to Indian student from 500 to a higher number
  • Launch the French alumni network to connect students and to open up employment opportunities available in over 400 French companies.
  • Create attractive visa policies for French students


The full spectrum of professional and academic opportunities available to students as well as the large number of institutions (75/government universities, over 200 engineering institutions, 20 architectural schools, 150 business management schools and over 3000 specialized colleges) which enroll as much as 300,000 International students every year is good enough reason for you to study in France. If you are still not convinced; however, here are 10 reasons why you should pick France as your study destination for 2019.

10 Reasons why you should study in France

1. A strong and healthy economy

France has one of the largest economies in the world. In fact, it occupies sixth place in the world economic ranking and is a member of the G20 (A group of the world’s largest 20 economies). This information has wider implications. Firstly, it means that the country is rich in economic activity and is able to create jobs and provide employment for job seekers. Secondly, it signifies economic stability, which is an essential prerequisite for economic growth. If you decide to choose France as a study destination, you can expect to enjoy all the academic benefits therein without the fear of economic disruptions caused by economic strikes or poverty.

2. Scholarships

There are so many reasons why France is the third most popular destination for international students and one of the reasons for this is the scholarship opportunities on offer. Each year, the French government offers over 500 Indian students educational grants worth over €1 million to support their academic pursuits in the country. This “Charpak program” supervised by the French embassy in India and the Indian government’ department of Science and Technology has created a new funding source for Indian students who may not be able to pursue a French degree on their own account. As plans are already underway to increase the number, you too may become one of the recipients of this scholarship program.

3. Availability of relevant information

Knowing all there is to know about student life in France and how to apply for admission into any of France’s institution of learning has never been easier. Just like this piece of literature you are reading, there is so much data online providing intending students with all the information they will ever need from the admission process to the visa application process. Campus France (a French government International Organization) has established offices in 13 Indian cities and operates a very active online directory featuring over 1200 programs taught in English. Using this medium and other mediums to search for a suitable academic program makes the entire process easy.

4. Simplified Visa Application process

Applying for a French student visa is also very easy in light of the positive India French relation currently enjoyed by both countries. For students who are applying for entry into an institution for a course that will exceed 6 months, they will need to apply for a long-stay visa. The process has been broken down into simple step-by-step sections by the French ministry of foreign affairs. In their bid to attract many more students from India and from other countries, the government has prepared attractive visa packages suitable for each individual country. In the case of India, for instance, the simpler Visa application process was responsible for the increase in the number of successful visa applications to 7,500 last year. With plans already in motion to increase the number further by 2020, it is expected that many more students will have their visa requests granted in the coming years.

5. The opportunities presented by the establishment of the French -Alumni Network

First unveiled in November 2014 in Paris by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and international development, the network has grown in leaps and bounds ever since. The France Alumni network is a multilingual online platform specially created to connect, guide, and inform graduates of French institutions of higher learning who are from foreign countries. Since the Indian chapter was launched in September 2016, the platform continues to support Indians with French degrees in the area of job opportunities involving French companies and businesses, gaining insight into economic activities, and to promote internship opportunities for graduates in French and Indian companies.

The opportunities presented by this network is one that places Indian students at an economic advantage once they leave school. Knowing that you have a competitive advantage as far as job offers are concerned is an opportunity to be exploited to the fullest.

Furthermore, the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs also has a special visa arrangement for students. Under this arrangement, Indian students currently studying in France can extend their stay by 2 years after completing their studies to help better them gain valuable work experience before they return home. Then there is the 5 years visa which allows the holder to remain in the Schengen area for as long as 90 days with an additional 90 days gap between stays. What makes this arrangement even more attractive is that it allows you to travel in the company of your spouse and children since the privilege can be extended to them. Finally, under the Alumni Visa arrangement, you can apply for a Talent passport with a four-year validity. With this passport, you can remain in France and engage in economic activity for the period. The opportunities to live, study then work is definitely one of the most attractive reasons to study in the Western European country.

6. There’s more to France than Paris

Paris may be the city of light and highly revered for its architecture; however, there is more to France than the capital. Paris represents just a tiny portion of what the country has in store for international students. When you visit student-centered cities like Grenoble, Lyon, Toulouse, Tours or Aix-en-Providence you will agree with me that there is indeed so much to see and enjoy. Some of the colleges are situated in serene areas conducive for learning and the social culture in these areas is worth the experience.

7. Numerous Programs

One mistake many international students make that you are unlikely to make is choosing a course that’s not ideal for you simply because you are limited by choice. Being a top 3 destination for international students with over 3,000 institutions of higher education, you have limitless options when deciding on your course of study. Even before you commence the application process, there is an almost 100% possibility that you will find the course you desire offered by one or more of the teeming institutions dotting the length and breadth of the country. From art to management, science to engineering, you will definitely find some of the best courses in any of these fields. Studying in France comes with no academic limitations.

8. Rich in Culture and History

France is not just a citadel of learning but also a cultural hotspot attracting tourists from all over the world. The history of this truly great country is one of the first things you notice on your arrival. The rich Versailles themed buildings and monasteries is a sight to behold. There are museums, galleries, culture centers, and cathedrals that have stood firm for four centuries and more. If you value the benefits of learning about a foreign culture and you consider this to be part of learning, then you should visit France. The rich history is worth experiencing rather than being imagined.

9. Learn a new Language

English is the official lingua Franca of the world and is the most widely spoken language known to man today but which language would you rank in second place? Well, you guessed right, French it is. From North America through Europe and from Africa to the Far East, French is widely spoken. As you already know, being able to speak a language confers a certain kind of privilege on the speaker and that is what you stand to gain if you are able to hold a conversation in French. Studying in France affords you the opportunity to learn the language for free.

10. Meet and Gain new friends

The quality of our lives is enhanced by the quality of our relationships. When you study in a country that is not your own, the experience broadens your horizon and opens you up to new realities that you would never have enjoyed back home. This experience makes you a better and happier individual and is one that you will certainly cherish. French people are naturally warm and welcoming and adding a few locals do your friends list is an act you won’t regret I’m sure.

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