The Visa Process for Students looking to apply for admission into a French University

Student Visa Application Assistance

France is a country that is not only rich in culture but also in higher institutions of learning. For many years now, many people consider it to be one of the most ideal countries to pursue higher education and as we speak, France is the third most favorable destination for international students. With over 3000 universities, colleges of higher learning and research institutions, students have limitless options as far as pursuing higher education is concerned. However, to successfully apply for any institution of choice, you will have to go through a visa process specially put in place for students. In this article, we will provide you with a detailed Student visa application assistance on how to apply for a French visa if you plan to study in the country. We will also provide you with helpful Visa counseling services Paris tips that will ease the process for you. For your understanding, we will break the process down Student visa France Requirements into segments and they are

  • Campus France
  • Interviews
  • VFS
  • Documents
  • Little tips

1. Campus France

To start things off, as a student looking to school abroad, you need to know a little about some of the organizations you will be dealing with as you progress from one step to another. Campus France Student immigration services happens to be the most important organization you will have the most contact with if you wish to study in France. What is Campus France and what do they do?

Campus France is a national agency under the auspices of the French Ministry of Higher education and research. This agency is tasked with the promotion of French higher education, international student services, and the mobility of students in and out of the country. One might wonder why this task is not assigned solely to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as is the practice is many other countries. The French government in it’s bid to make France a highly sought-after destination for International students saw the need to create an agency with the special task of processing student university admissions and visa applications. The simplified and comprehensive service they render has made the process easier for intending students. In a nutshell, Campus France

  • Markets France as a perfect destination for higher education pursuit
  • Provide applicants with a platform to apply for admission into institutions of choice
  • Direct and Guide students all through their visa application
  • Serve as a liaison between students and the institutions whose admission they apply for
  • Offer various student services
  • Aid student mobility in and out of France

Now that you know what Campus France is all about and what they do let us proceed to the next stage.

2. Interview


When applying for a student visa through Campus France, you will have to register and complete an application form that can only be accessed on their website. The section to look out for is the “My Space” section on the website. When filling in your details, be careful that you do not make any mistakes as this may prove detrimental further down the line. It is also important that you provide valid information as Campus France and the institution you’ve applied for will refer to that information from time to time.

Submission of Validation Request

After registering on the website, you should then proceed to submit a Validation request of your Campus France file. Your file contains all the necessary information about you and about your course of study.

Wait for confirmation

After submitting your request for validation, you will need to be patient. During this period, officials at Campus France will process your application, and if everything goes according to plan as it most likely will, you will receive confirmation from the website via email. Once you get this mail, then go-ahead to schedule an interview. How long it takes to receive an email confirmation depends on multiple factors.

Interview proper – All you need to know

At Dimensions Services, we have been at the forefront of providing students with France -India logistics services and several other students services. Having done so for several years, we have been able to gather first-hand information through experience on what is required to go through the interview with Campus France unscathed and we will show you how.

After completing and submitting your validation request, you will receive an email for an interview. The interview may be done over the phone or in-person but be rest assured that the email message will let you know by what means the interview will be conducted. Here are vital questions that you will be asked during the course of the interview.

Question 1- Why do you want to study in France?

Questions may come in any particular order, but most interviewers start with this question. When providing answers to this question along with the others that you will be asked, you need to be very confident and sure of yourself. Letting the interviewer know that you value French education is a good start. Revealing your keen interest in French culture and history is another. Don’t attempt to impress the interviewer and do not be overly friendly. Maintain a polite posture and provide the answer without the urge to exaggerate.

Question 2- What’s your professional experience?

If you have any professional experience state it clearly. Let the interviewer know where you worked and how many years you served. In what capacity did you serve? This is another answer that you should state. The answers you give should throw more light on

  • Your work experiences
  • The organization(s) you’ve worked
  • In what capacity
  • Duration

If you had worked in more than one organization endeavor to state this clearly but make sure you remember the dates when you worked in each of them in case you are asked to provide this information. Your roles and responsibilities in the various organizations should also be kept in mind.

Question 3- What are your professional and educational goals?

This is a two-in-one question, so you need to be strategic when giving your answers. The plan should be to tie your educational goals to your professional goals. Clearly, state what these goals are and if you are able, establish a relationship between both goals to give the interviewer a better understanding of why you wish to study in France.

Question 4- How is studying France going to help your goal

Before making the decision to study in France, you must have given it a lot of thought. Knowing what you set out to achieve will provide you with a very clear picture of what your goal should be. Do you wish to study so as to improve your professional competence further or to gain more knowledge? Then base your answer on what’s most important to you or your future aspirations. Some students attend institutions of higher learning because

  • They wish to broaden their knowledge base
  • Further their professional career
  • Improve their skill/Learn a skill
  • Position themselves to exploit emerging opportunities better and for many more reasons

You can prepare your answer in advance using any of these above-listed templates.

Question 5- Why are you choosing this specific program/University?

Explain in clear terms your reasons for picking your program and institution of choice. For the program, you may have picked it due to the passion you have for it. It may also be down to the opportunities it offers, or maybe you wish to use the knowledge gained to improve your professional capacity. Whatever your reasons, make them known. As for the university, you may inform the interviewer of the research you’ve done and how you came to realize that they are one of the best schools in France offering the program. To improve the quality of your answers, consider doing a little research about the city in which the institution is situated. Knowing a little history about the city can be quite helpful.

3. VFS

After you must have completed your Campus France clearance, you will receive a signed and sealed letter from a Camus France officer. This letter should be taken along with other documents to the VFS office to book an appointment. At the VFS office, you will

  • Submit your documents, pay for the visa application and undergo Bio-metric scans
  • You will also receive your visa at home or at a VFS collection center when it is ready

4. Documents

Here is a complete list of mandatory documents you will have to provide to apply for a French student visa.

  • A print out of your Campus France online registration form
  • A receipt of the processing fee (Rs12,500 for free movers and RS6,500 for exchange students in favor of Institut Francais en Inde payable at BNP Paribas bank
  • A valid passport and a copy (1st and last pages) of the passport for the entire period of stay in France
  • -Acceptance/ Admission letter from the French University. (If you are applying for a student exchange program/Study tour/internship. A “No Objection” letter will be required from your current institution in India and the partner institution in France stating that you are part of the program)
  • A proof or accommodation in France for the period of study or a sponsorship letter for accommodation in the city of study
  • For a short or long stay, the student must take a comprehensive overseas medical and repatriation policy (Check the VFS website to know more)
  • Air ticket and reservation print out
  • Proof of resources for tuition fees and €615 -650 monthly living expenses for the period of stay (1 year) for housing, food, transportation, and medical expenses. (Only liquid assets will be considered)
  • Sponsorship letter must be in pages duly signed along with supporting financial documents
  • Or
  • A: Supporting documents showing the availability of a minimum of €250-300 a month for living expenses.
  • Or
  • B: Scholarship certificate if applicable
  • A 3-month bank statement of the individual sponsoring the education of the student. The student’ bank statement if he or she has an account to his or her name
  • An undertaking by the individual(sponsor) stating that he or she will be sponsoring the student’s education (in the form of an affidavit)
  • Short CV not more than 2 pages
  • 4 passport sized photographs (Face most take up to 70-80% of the photo space and must measure between 32-36 mm)
  • The entire set of the above-listed documents (in original and one set of copies including mark sheets and degrees/diplomas and certificates (Grade 12/BA/BSc/BCOM/MA, MSC till date)
  • A covering letter about your project in France

5. Final Tips

Here are some final France student visa help in Mumbai tips in a quick summary to help you apply for a student visa

  • Prepare in advance your reasons why you wish to study in France
  • Treat the interview (whether by phone or in-person) like a job interview and make sure you have an academic and a professional goal in mind
  • Unless you are applying for a work visa (which you are not in this case), do not show any sign that you intend to stay back in France after your program. A perfect way to answer this question in case you are asked will be

“I am going to study this “course” in France, so I can return to take advantage of the emerging opportunities available here in my country.”

– The French embassy operates a Visa “quota” system so be ready assured that students such as yourself are welcome to apply. Do note that the process is a little complicated but patience and discretion is advised