Terms and Conditions


At Dimension Services we meet so many different people from around the world and we, as Dimension Services, try our best to be happy all the time. We would appreciate it if you also spend a moment to focus on the now, enjoy the moment and be happy. Hopefully this will not only lead to a happier student (services) but a more peaceful and smiley world. Thanks for your trust with Dimension Services!

In this document the following terms shall have the meaning as described below:

  1. Dimension

    ServicesIndian-French services company focusing on making your time in France more lovely than you expected it to be.

  2. Contracting Party

    The person or legal entity that has concluded a contract for the performance of services as referred to below. The Contracting Party shall also be understood as the party that is legally and financially liable for its guests as referred to below.

  3. Guest
    The person to whom we provide the services as referred to below. References in these Terms and Conditions to the “Guest” will also be interpreted to refer to the person who accompanies the Guest. Unless explicitly stated otherwise, references in these Terms and Conditions to the “Guest” shall also be read as “both the Guest and the Contracting Party”.

  4. Service Agreement
    The confirmation email including the Booking Details that a Guest receives once making a booking together with these Terms & Conditions serve as the Service Agreement between the Guest and Dimension Services.

  5. Booking Details
    The booking details specify the details for the performance of services such as the start date and the end date of the stay, address of the premises, payment breakdown and the personal details of the Guest.

  6. Minimum Age
    The Minimum Age for a Guest to make a reservation is 16 years. Guests younger than the age of 18 need permission of their parents or legal representatives to make a booking at Dimension Services.

  • The Guest owes Dimension Services all the amounts stated in The Service Agreement.
  • Dimension Services does not cover any commission costs incurred via online payments or other third party bookers (for example: travel agencies) for its Guests.
  • Dimension Services has the right to retain and, if appropriate, to pledge any goods that the Guest keeps in Dimension Services as long as the Guest has not fulfilled all of its (payment) obligations to Dimension Services.
  • Failure to pay on time will subject the Guest to all related extrajudicial and pre-litigation costs, as well as all court costs.
  • Any payment to Dimension Services must be made in Rupees. Dimension Services only accepts payments by debit card, credit card or via PayPal. Dimension Services reserves the right to refuse payment by bank cheque, cash, giro acceptance form or other means of payment, or to attach conditions to their acceptance.

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  • During the last apartment cleaning before check-out, the apartment will also be checked to see if Dimension Services needs to carry out repairs and if the cost for the repairs will be paid by Dimension Services or by you. You can obtain a copy of the apartment check form from us the day after your
    apartment check. Dimension Services will deduct any outstanding charges from you deposit.
  • Dimension Services will refund your deposit, minus outstanding amounts. A refund will only take place when the apartment check-out form has been completed and is returned to Dimension Services.
  • Dimension Services has a set of house rules in order to preserve order, peace and quietness in our premises. The House Rules are attached to these Terms and Conditions.
  • Each Guest will take notice of The House Rules and will act accordingly.
  • If the Guest or someone accompanying the Guest violates the House Rules or acts in such a way that the order, peace and quietness or normal operation of Dimension Services could be jeopardized, the Guest and anyone accompanying the Guest must leave the service upon request.
  • Dimension Services is at all times entitled to terminate any Service Agreement if public order has been disturbed or is in jeopardy of being disturbed. Termination will take place after consulting the management. In such case, the payment obligation for the Guest towards Dimension Services for the agreed term will continue unabridged. Dimension Services shall not be liable to pay any damages of any kind.
  • Dimension Services is at all times entitled, without any notice of termination being required, to terminate the Service Agreement with the Guest and/or Contracting Party and to deny the Guest access to our service accommodations.
  • We do not permit pets on our premises (except dogs for visually impaired guests).

Dimension Services does not offer permanent accommodation. We offer a maximum length of stay of twelve (12) months.

  • The Service Agreement may be cancelled by the Guest during its term in accordance with the cancellation policy as set out in this chapter.
  • A full calendar month prior notice of cancellation is applicable. The proposed cancellation must be provided by email to contact@dimensionsfrance.com
  • Dimension Services can only process a cancellation by the 1st of the month following the acceptance of the cancellation.
  • The cancellation costs will be 100% of the contracted and unpaid accommodation fee for the calendar month following the receipt of the cancellation email and 70% of the contracted and unpaid accommodation fee for (the part of) €350,the remaining period plus – cancellation fee.
  • Dimension Services has the right to terminate its services towards the Guest in case of violation of the Terms & Conditions and/ or the House Rules. In such case, the payment obligation for The Contracting Party and/ or guest towards Dimension Services for the agreed term will continue unabridged for the remaining contract period.
  • In addition, the Contracting Party and/ or the Guest will be financially liable towards Dimension Services for any other costs or loss of revenue resulting from the violation of the Terms & Conditions and/ or the House Rules by The Contracting Party and/or the Guest.
  • Guests are entirely responsible for the conduct and behavior of the people they bring into Dimension Services and will be liable for any damages or costs of the person(s) accompanying the Guest.
  • Dimension Services expressly accepts no liability to the Contracting Party and/or Guest if the failure to perform the Service Agreement results from a circumstance that cannot be attributed to Dimension Services, including but not limited to labor strikes, fires, business disruptions or governmental actions. Dimension Services also accepts.
  • No liability for any harm or loss caused by persons or property that a Guest has brought into the service or caused to be brought into the service. The Contracting Party and the Guest are liable for all claims that Dimension Services has and/or come to have against them.
  • Dimension Services’s liability will never exceed the value of the Agreement or payment for the harm or loss covered by the insurance company or the amount in compensation for the harm or loss another third party pays to Dimension Services. Dimension Services will send a statement of the current insurances in effect upon the Guests request.
  • If harm or loss occurs as a result of the culpable failure to perform on the part of a third party whose services we have engaged, such as a security or cleaning company, then the Guest’s compensation will be limited to the compensation Dimension Services receives from the relevant third party.
  • Dimension Services takes measures to ensure the security of the accommodation. Should an incident (such as theft or vandalism) occur that is directly attributable to the failure of the security service, the Guest or Contracting Party will receive the payment that Dimension Services has demanded from the security service on duty at the time of the specific incident.
  • If property is removed, stolen or damaged, the Guest must prove that the loss or damage to the property occurred in the accommodation as a result of the acts or omissions on the part of the third party whose services we have engaged.
  • Except as set out in the clause above, Dimension Services accepts no liability for any harm or loss caused in respect of any persons and/or their property, including death, personal injury, property damage or theft.
  • We are not liable to the Guest for harm or loss that occurs as a result of or in connection with the performance of any agreement between Dimension Services and the Contracting Party and/or Guest if the Contracting Party and/or Guest is insured, or could have been insured, against the relevant harm or loss.
  • With due observance of the foregoing, Dimension Services will be liable for the harm or loss of goods that the Guest has placed in our custody in exchange for a fee. The damages will be limited to the current market value of the goods in question. Dimension Services will not be liable for the contents of these goods. A wallet will be covered but the contents of that wallet will not be covered unless we were given a written statement of the contents at the time it was placed in our custody. We expressly exclude liability for any other form of harm or loss, including consequential harm or loss.
  • We shall never accept any liability for any goods placed in our custody or left with us in any way – regardless of how that arrangement was arrived at or who placed the goods in our custody or left the goods with us – unless we have charged a fee for the arrangement.
  • We will not accept liability of lost luggage, personal items, mail or delivered packages unless the guest can prove that these items were lost or stolen due to the Service or its staff’s negligence.
  • The Guest or those accompanying the Guest are jointly liable for all harm or loss that has been and/or will be inflicted upon Dimension Services and/or any third party as the direct or indirect consequence of misconduct, negligence and/or a wrongful act instigated by a Guest and those accompanying Guest.
  • This liability also applies in respect of violations of the House Rules instigated by the Guest and those accompanying the Guest.
  • This liability also applies in respect of harm or loss caused by any animals and/or any substance and/or any property held by or under the supervision of the Guest and those accompanying the Guest.
  • Dimension Services may file an official report with the local police if we observe misconduct, criminal acts or violations of the Terms and Condition and/ or House Rules.
  • A complaint filed with Dimension Services regarding the performance of the Agreement must be made in writing by the Contracting Party and/or the Guest and be submitted immediately after discovering the failure to perform for which Dimension Services might be liable. Complaints should be sent in writing to: contact@dimensionsfrance.com
  • If a complaint is deemed to be well-founded, Dimension Services will, if and to the extent it is in our power to do so, attempt to eliminate the cause of the complaint as quickly as possible.
  • The term ‘force majeure’ will be understood as follows: staff illness, war, threat of war, civil unrest, labor strikes or sit-ins, water damage, acts of war, fire, flood, acts undertaken by the government or general outages of gas, electricity, water or internet.
  • In the case of Force Majeure, we are entitled to either suspend performance of the Agreement or terminate the Agreement. In that case, we cannot be held liable to pay for any harm or loss incurred as a result.
  • The foregoing provisions also apply if a force majeure situation arises in respect of persons/services and/or institutions we use to perform the Agreement. This also includes suspensive or resolute conditions fulfilled with respect to the aforementioned persons/services and/or institutions or improper performance on the part of the aforementioned persons/services and/or institutions. We shall not be required to prove
    the effect of the foregoing on our business operations.
  • Every Guest is required to hand in any property they find to the reception desk. We shall obtain ownership of any items that are not claimed by the rightful owner within three (3) months after they are handed over to us.
  • After check-out of a Guest, any personal belongings left in the apartment or any other area of the premises will not be kept and will considered as leftover items, unless by its appearance and/or value it is clear to anyone that it must be a lost item.
  • The Guest shall bear the risk and expense of the shipping of any property lost by the Guest or his or her guest(s). We shall never be obliged to send such property.

Any Guest staying at Dimension Services may be obliged to be transferred to another apartment of the same  apartment type for operational reasons.
Chillax! We’re sure you won’t be disappointed.

It is a condition of the Agreement that Guests comply with these Terms and Conditions and House Rules. Whilst every effort has been made to provide guests with the most complete and accurate information available, Dimension Services reserves the right to change, modify or revoke any policy or procedure contained within this Agreement with or without notice. Changes will be applicable within 24 hours after Guests have been informed by email. All information is correct at the time of this publication.