Renting In France: Everything You Need To Know

Are you moving to France? Then, the first thing that you will need there is a place to live. Renting is a common practice than buying a home, especially among expats. This because they will be living there temporarily and buying a house or apartment can turn out to be a very costly affair. As there are so many houses and apartments and one has to keep many things in mind, for a start, it is worth opting for short-term rentals. This will help you in having a roof over your head while you determine or get a clearer idea of what kind of accommodation in Paris you are looking for and where. This guide will walk you through the housing market in France.

Renting In France

Those who are looking to rent accommodation can easily do it by themselves. All you have to do is to look for rental properties in newspapers or online by choosing the neighborhood of your choice. How easy or difficult nailing a good home varies widely across France. If you are looking for a house or apartment in Paris, it could be tricky because in such places the market move at lightning speed. So you have to be quick to finalize a rental home that you want. If you are choosing accommodation in smaller towns or rural areas, the pace will be more relaxed, giving you more time to make your decision. If you hire an agent for this very purpose, there will be a fee involved. When you take the help of companies like Dimension France, you will get expert help from seasoned professionals.

Furnished Or Unfurnished?

As an expat, while renting a home, your first preference would be to get a furnished home as that will make a living much easier in a new country. But there are certain things that you need to know first. You will enjoy greater legal protection according to the French law if you take an unfurnished place. The contract for the same tends to be three years long. On the other hand, a furnished place will cover you for only one year. The tenant cannot be evicted in an unfurnished place during the tenancy, but as a tenant, you can give notice and leave the place early.

House Renting

The definition of ‘furnished’ in France is legally defined. A house that comes under this category will be move-in ready, including crockery, bedding and so on. But there are many landlords who claim to be offering furnished flats, but they do not meet the required standard, so do your research well.

At Dimension France, we help you in choosing the type of accommodation depends on your circumstances. If you are in France for a short duration, go for short-term furnished rental homes. But, you must also know that such accommodations are put up in the vacation market and the homes are luxurious as well as costly which usually doesn’t fit well with a lot of individual’s budget.