How To Move To France: Step By Step Guide.

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You have made up your mind to move to France but don’t have proper guidance? Surely, it is a big step and not easy to achieve, just like that. You will need to do certain preparations so that you don’t have to face any difficulty once you are there. It is also essential that you abide by all the rules and regulations to avoid deportation.  To help you out in the best manner possible, we have prepared a step by step guide for you.

Step 1: Figure out The Legal Requirements

If you are going to France for a short period, you can obtain a three-month tourist visa with little effort. Those who wish to stay longer will need to get a one-year visa which renews every year. While you are there for a year, you will need to start paying taxes on your income, and it is imperative that you abide by every rule and regulation. Start the long-term visa application process before you arrive in France by filling an application form or taking help of company like Dimension France. In that, you will need to explain how you will support yourself financially. The procedure can take up to six months. Once you get approval, you will have three months window to travel to France.

Step 2: Make Sure You Can Afford the Cost Of Living

Cost of living in France is pretty high, but you get the best amenities too. Your rent per month, outside the city center, will be €530. If you want to live in the city center, the rent will be €650. Utilities will cost up to €95, and monthly transport pass will be around €56. These are just the basics we are talking about.

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Step 3: Get A Place to Live

Cost of living is high in France, and a big amount of your budget will go in paying rent. If you wish to stay in the capital, then be prepared to live in a small place with big rent amount. To avoid such costly accommodation, move further away from the capital towards a countryside area if you wish on saving money. Areas like Strasbourg and Lyon are reasonable, but Paris is more expensive. Connect with Dimension Services as it caters different accommodation requirements for short and long stays in France. We provide luxury rentals, budget accommodations, and student residences in major French cities.

Step 4: Set Up Your Finances

To set up finances in France, you will need a bank account, and that could take some time, but there are many firms that can help you with the entire process in an easy and convenient manner. You can easily open an account as a student, a non-resident or as a permanent resident in France.

Step 5: Find a Job and Get to Work

If you wish to work in France, you need to be fluent in French. Before coming to France, you can take courses to learn the language. The firm helping you to come to France can also provide you with a job that will further help you a lot in taking care of your everyday finances.

Step 6: Make Sure Your Healthcare Is Covered

One of the great advantages of living in France is that they offer universal healthcare, meaning that it grants the right to care for anyone who legally resides in France. As soon as your three consecutive months as a permanent resident is complete, you can apply for coverage. If you are working or you pay into French social security, it automatically makes your eligible for the same.

Dimension France is the company on which you can rely for the admissions, accommodation, and visa process to a part-time job. All you have to do is land in France and rest all above mention steps will be taken care by us.