Finding Accommodation in France as an International Student

Over the last few years, the number of international students studying in France has remained constant just like it has been for the last decade or so. Among the thousands of foreigners taking advantage of France’s excellent educational syllabus and facilities are Indian students and educational tourists of diverse nationalities. Studying in France can be both exciting and thrilling and in light of positive India-French relations, you too can become one of the numerous Indians studying in France. But to do so, you will need somewhere to stay all through your program, and this is where many intending students have issues. Why so?

Guarantor Cover for Student Accommodation

The Problem of Documentation/ Guarantors
Like in most EU countries, landlords in France expect foreigners to furnish them with certain statutory documents with one of them being a guarantors document. Here is a list of documents you will be expected to provide before you can rent suitable accommodation during your stay.

  • A copy of your Passport
  • Certificate of enrollment
  • French RIB if you have one
  • Guarantors document

Who is a Guarantor and why is one needed?

Like we pointed out earlier, the backing of a Guarantor is required before you can rent an apartment in France. As it is standard practice in the country, a Guarantor cover for student accommodation is any individual or agency who signs an undertaking with a landlord with a guarantee to pay the rent accrued by the tenant (the Student) if he or she defaults at any time. This guarantor documents France Apartment is important because property owners do not give out their houses to tenants unless the potential tenant can prove beyond every reasonable doubt that he/she earns at least four times the monthly rent.

This arrangement was put in place to protect landlords from the loss of income caused by tenants who are unable to meet their payment responsibilities. Guarantors help students in the following ways

  • Improve their profile and elicits trust from landlords
  • Act as protectors in times of crises
  • Provide guidance to students looking for suitable accommodation

Types of Guarantor Arrangements

There are largely two types of Guarantor arrangements that you can take advantage of. They are

Traditional Guarantor: Students who have family or friends living in France have very little to worry about as they can take advantage of pre-existing connections when house hunting. A traditional Guarantor maybe someone you already know or any individual or group of individuals willing to vouch for you. This Individual(s) will sign agreements with your would-be landlord and will be responsible for taking up the financial liabilities of the contract signed if you fail to pay your rent during the period of your tenancy. While this is the ideal arrangement to look out for, most foreigners schooling in France are not able to enjoy the benefits this option provides because

  • Most foreign students don’t have any family or friends living in France
  • It is quite risky to sign contracts with financial ramifications on behalf of someone who may be a complete stranger
  • Getting suitable housing at a budget many students can afford is not as easy as it should be

If you fall under the category of students who don’t have the privileged support of a traditional Guarantor you don’t have to worry as you can still take advantage of a different arrangement that offers the same benefits.

An Agency Guarantor

Student life in France can be challenging if you do not have the backing and support of a family or friendly network, especially when hunting for a place to live. If you do not have a traditional Guarantor to provide you with legal backing, you can reach out to an Agency that specializes in providing this type of service to those who need them. An Agency like Dimensions Services can stand in the gap to provide you with all the legal and professional support you will ever need.

What are some of the requirements that qualify an Individual/Agency as a Guarantor?

  • The Individual or staff of the agency must be between the ages of 18 – 75
  • Possess proof of a healthy credit history
  • Provide proof of a monthly income 3-4 times the worth of your monthly rent
  • Be a French resident

Introducing Dimensions Services for all International Students

As you can see from the above points, finding a Guarantor is one of the most important things to do besides gaining admission at a French University and completing your immigration paperwork. In light of these challenges and more, Dimensions Services has created service packages that will take care of all your needs even before your arrival. Due to our deep understanding of the challenges faced by international students studying in the country, we have created several packages to provide them with support and guidance. At Dimensions Services, we leave no stone unturned in ensuring that all our clients are safe and comfortable.

We understand that traveling to a new country that’s far away from home with no family or friends can be quite scary. What’s even worse is having nowhere to stay and not knowing how long it will take to get a place of your own to call home. With our help, however, finding a Guarantor is no longer an issue because we are offering to be your Guarantor. Using any of our packaged services offers you so much for less and this is why many students just like yourself use our services and continue to trust us to provide them with all the support that they need.

Choosing Dimensions Services to be your helping hand is the best choice you will ever make and here is why?

Safety, Comfort and Security: Knowing that you have a friend and an ally to rely on when you are far away from your home country is a confidence booster. You don’t have to make the long trip in fear and uncertainty. Let us take away that burden and make it our own all through your stay. Our service bundles are designed for maximum comfort and security.

Trusted Guarantors: You don’t have to worry about finding a Guarantor to provide you with the legal backing you need when you have us at your service. While other students worry about securing the trust of a traditional Guarantor, let your mind rest easy as we’ve got you covered. Our agency will meet all the stipulations and requirements necessary for you to secure accommodation in Paris or in any other city in France.

Documentation Support: Relocating to a new country requires a lot of paperwork. Over the years, we have made the transition a smooth one for our students and we want you to enjoy the same benefits as the others. At Dimensions Services, we have support staffs who will always be on hand to provide you with all support you need for immigration compliance.

State of the Art Facilities: All our accommodation, transport, and recreational facilities are top-notch. Our desire is to see that you are well taken care of as long as possible.

Centrally planned housing: We don’t just provide our students with houses for the sake of it. We ensure that the homes we recommend are suitable, affordable, and situated at locations with easy access to transport facilities and routes.

Personalized Services: Our services are tailored to meet your needs and budget. You can use any of our service offerings for your personal comfort.

Live among friends: Bonding with new friends is an important aspect that shouldn’t be left to chance. We can bring you closer to local and international students living in the community you reside in. The same goes for the locals too. As you frequently associate with like minds, your circle of friends is bound to grow.

Cheap and Flexible services: Our services are cheap and affordable and what makes it so much better is the fact that we have broken them down to suit your needs and budget. All our services are available for a 3- or 6-months duration depending on the one that’s convenient for you. Our bundles are in three categories namely

  • Give Me Shelter Bundle
  • Sort Me Out Bundle
  • Alpha Bundle

A Stress-Free Service

Ours is a service that is highly sought after because applying for any of our bundles is as easy as ABC. Do you know that you can even begin to enjoy some of our service offerings even before you arrive? How so?

For starters, planning for your arrival should already be in full swing if you want to arrive in France and not be under immediate pressure to settle in. The moment you contact us regarding any of our service bundles, our representatives will swing into action to prepare your transportation, documentation, accommodation, and any other assistance you may need. As soon as you arrive, prepare to be welcomed by our staffs who are

  • Friendly and understanding
  • Know your needs and are ready to meet them even before you say a word
  • Are quite familiar with the area and will show you around
  • Keep you informed about all there is to know about living in France

Below is a shortlist of our services found on our website

  • Accommodation assistance and documentation
  • Application and securing documents for visa
  • Applying for Admission into any French University of your choice
  • India to France Logistic support
  • Meet and Greet service comprising of Airport pick up, Free SIM card, transportation and city tour
  • Assistance in opening a Bank account for your local and international transactions
  • Securing part-time job opportunities while schooling
  • Guarantor Service
  • CAF assistance for students and more

Dimensions Services is a tested and trusted organization whose long-term vision is to provide students with a safe haven that will make their transition from their home countries to France a stress-free one. To make enquiries or to order for any of our services, kindly visit our portal to know more. Whatever your needs are, you can always trust us to meet them all at the least expense.