Cost of Living in Paris and Practical Ways to Save Money as a Student

We understand that for international students, it is very important to be aware of  the cost of living thoroughly. So that students can plan things accordingly to live comfortably and focus on studies. By reading this article you will be able to evaluate the cost of living per month in Paris according to your lifestyle and multiple ways to save money. Also, plan things in advance to optimize your time and experience everything Paris has to offer you on a limited budget.

As you must have heard Paris is one of the most expensive cities in the world. In spite of the fact that the cost of living is high, Paris is one of the most favourite cities in the world for international students. World Class education, beautiful architecture, rich culture, mouth watering food and diverse group of global cultures makes it an obvious choice.  Also, multiple benefits are provided French government allows students to live in Paris comfortably at less amount.


Here’s what we will cover in this article -

  1. Cost of housing and housing benefits provided by french government.
  2. Cost of food (Groceries)
  3. Cost of food (Dining out) and low price restaurants only for students.
  4. Cost of transportation and 50% discount on public transportation.
  5. Cost of entertainment, going out and special discounts for students at selected cultural places.
  6. Clothing and cost of personal care.
  7. Average monthly cost .

1. Cost of housing and housing benefits provided by french government

Housing will be the biggest expense of your monthly cost of living in Paris for sure. Housing rent in Paris city center is one of the highest in the world due to simple reasons of demand is immensely high and supply is considerably low. But do not worry, many options are available for students at a reasonable price. Pricing also depends on your personal situation and location. Following image shows data from Numbeo of the cost of all things related to housing in Paris for a single person without any benefits.

As a student you have various options to save money on housing which are follows-


For more information related to housing in France, check out

2. Cost of food (Groceries)

Food is essential for healthy and happy living. One can save a huge amount of money by cooking at home as much as possible. Cost of groceries varies a lot in Paris. It also depends on your own personal choices.  So the best thing you can do is initially spend some time exploring different supermarkets and figure out which offers the best price for your favourite food.

Paris has a variety of supermarkets which have different unique offerings. If you are really tight on budget Lidl can be ideal for you. It has a small chain of supermarkets but offers the best price in the market. If you are looking for a variety of brands and generic, Carrefour is the best option. Franprix is the most popular supermarket with a higher number of supermarkets in Paris.  Date from Numbeo shown in the following image will give you an idea of the average market price of common food.

3. Cost of food (Dining out) and low price restaurants only for students.

4. Cost of transportation and 50% discount on public transportation for students.

Public transportation in Paris is very connected. You can easily travel from point A to point B by Metro, Tramline, or Bus. The best part is you can get a monthly unlimited pass for 75€  and travel in Metro, Bus, or Tramline as many times as you want. Following image shows the data from Numbeo of detailed information about different transportation ways.  


 Carte imagine R is a monthly transportation pass. Students under the age of 26 get 50% Discount on unlimited monthly public transportation pass. With this pass students can travel by bus, metro, tramline or RER in Paris and the surrounding areas.

5. Cost of entertainment, going out and special benefits for students at selected cultural places

Entertainment and going out is a much necessary aspect of living a happy and healthy life. It is vital to take a break and do something different to reinvigorate your brain and help you see a situation in a new way.

Paris is a perfect place for taking your mind off studies and enjoy. Budget required to go out depends on you, it can be as costly as you want it to be. Have a look at data by Expatistan in following image to get a general idea about the cost of different activities -

Students interested in art and culture have special benefits. French government operates most of the museums and monuments in France. Students under 26 get free entry to most of these places. All you need to do is show your French  universities student’s ID card with your Birth Date mentioned on it.

6. Clothing and cost of personal care


7. Average monthly cost of living in Paris

Calculating average monthly cost depends a lot on the lifestyle of a student. In this section we show you the average monthly cost in ideal scenarios(1180€). Hoping you get accommodation in CROUS and you spend every penny thinking twice at the same time enjoying all things Paris has to offer you. We also have mentioned the range of prices you can expect to spend. Students can also live by spending a minimum amount (790€) by spending less and sacrificing a couple of things to reduce the cost as much as possible. Students who are fortunate enough to spend without thinking twice can spend (1700€) more and live luxuriously.