We have
one motto :

to be one stop solution for all
your relocation needs. Three years
ago, Dimensions was founded on the
basic idea of promoting student
mobility across India and France

We've simplified France for hundreds
of student ever since.

We're transparent .

(And we have built ourself a fine team.)

Khitab Jaisinghani, CEO

As the CEO, Khitab commandeers this ship
from one challenge to next - from scouting
new talent for the team to brainstorming
every kernel of a creative idea, his approach
to Dimensions is entrenched in teamwork,
conquering his inner demons, and beating the,
ennui by analysing potential roadblocks as an

Superpowers : Martial arts & Adaptability

Akshay Vinod, Founder

The four rules that Akshay lives by are “laugh
it off, stay in tune, get enough sleep and be
present”. His day at work involves creating
directives for Dimensions, driving sales, building
partnerships, and harnessing the best of our team.  

Loves : Tigers, combat sports, languages and
medicinal herbs

Pranav Salunkhe, Head of Marketing

Pranav’s expertise includes marketing,
understanding our clients’ behaviours and
requirements, and ideating solutions that
adapt, evolve and satisfy. His work is never
the same twice, which allows him the freedom
to try new things. He believes in solving
problems without pressure, (this is also how
he tackles any incoming roadblocks.)

Can’t do without : football, music & nature.

Soumya Raj, Head of Design

Soumya helps Dimensions visually
communicate its ideas through the vertices
of graphic design and contemporary art.
Everything good in the world can be surmised
by her to exist through fluffy dogs, good music,
and beautiful fonts.  

Special abilities : Texting in her sleep.

Ashwin, Marketing Co-ordinator

Ashwin's work is mainly centered around
online brand strategy - which could be why
he believes in working smart, not hard. He
stays ahead in this race by staying cheek by
jowl to all the relevant competitors. He loves
to seek out of the box solutions to problems
at work, apart from chasing new ideas
wherever possible.

Favourite Pursuits : Cooking, drop shipping,
cricket & music

Tanmeet Butani, Web Developer

Tanmeet is the brain behind all of our web
experiences - the favourite part of his job is
building new designs to present the ideas
of our team to the world. His work method-
ology is deeply rooted in a consistent flow
of ideas.

Known for : Building software (no biggie),
lawn tennis, singing, photography,
cycling and his poetry

Yash Bokil, Web Developer

Yash’s forte lies in creating designs that
convert a concept into an actual interface
and he enjoys utilising his skills as a web
designer to express his ideas, understand
the ins-and-outs of our team, and tirelessly
working to design Dimensions’ virtual footprint.  

Best at : Cooking, cycling, swimming and skating