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At Dimension, we are committed to creating state-of-the-art facilities and colourful experiences we believe will change the way we live, work and travel and that redefine our understanding of what makes a ‘student’.

Study in France Consultants

Are you thinking about moving to France for further studies? If yes, you are in for a treat! Moving and settling down in a completely unknown locale can be pretty challenging for students.

Our experienced study in France consultants in India can help you through the entire process of getting admissions into the right universities, processing your Visa application, finding the best part-time gigs and choosing a suitable abode to stay in.

With our help, as soon as you land in France, everything else from your stay to admissions would be taken care of by us. We completely understand that each student would have different requirements and needs.

This is exactly why we offer a range of accommodation rentals from the luxurious ones to the more affordable ones, to suit the budget constraints of every type of student. The accommodation rental options featured here are close to all the well-known educational universities as well as the transportation options, making them the best choice for students to stay in.

Discover our range of services by reaching out to our team and experience the ease with which you can shift from India to any city in France.


We aim to create the best space where students can find their purpose and change the world. Not just with the well-designed and thought-out rooms, or the many great shared communal facilities. When we think “best space,” we think of a stimulating environment and an exciting global community. What we discovered along the way, is this type of atmosphere really inspires all who encounter it. Dimension services aims at a place where anyone with a student spirit – curious, open, free, adventurous – can thrive.

Our mission is to create boundary-blurring spaces where students, travelers, mobile professionals, creative nomads and enterprising minds can connect and thrive in smart design co- living and co-working spaces.


We are Dimension, a global community connected by one spirit, the student spirit, open, curious and unfinished. We live it and experience it every hour of every day in every location. Our physical and digital spaces are designed obsessively to connect and grow with this fast evolving clan, to drive forward all individual goals while pushing one joint purpose, to change the world.

Yes we co-work, yes we co-live and we co-a-lot-more, so welcome to the world’s biggest Complete Connected Community.

Underlying Magic


Cost Effectiveness

You get a bundle of benefits at half the price of a regular accommodation.


Combining the best of both worlds.


Every Monetary Transaction is done online and Every non-monetary transaction is done with a BIG smile.

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